We create unique, joyful pieces you will enjoy giving to those you love We can guide you in getting the best out of your interior, reflecting your own unique style Surround yourself with the colours of life and things with soul


TILT is a store born of Laetitia and Patrick’s passion for the world of housing and the desire to share their taste and their ideas for the colorful and luminous atmospheres.The objects shown in the store are a bold mix of shapes, materials and colors, a consequence of a common choice, of a research that TILT.

TILT Studio / Object creation

Since their meeting, Laetitia and Patrick had in common a great creative energy. By setting up TILT Studio, they found the place to put their ideas into practice and create unique pieces for your home. Lamps, tables, consoles, chairs, photographs and many other things mixing art and fonction.

TILT Studio / Interior decoration

TILT is also a laboratory of ideas dedicated to the world of the housing. Do you want to redecorate your home? You have an idea you want to develop and realize with our help? Want to find a lamp, a table, a Chair, a unique photograph? TILT advises you and offers its services for your home.